Tailored Workflows To Solve Organizational Needs

Impruvon Health optimizes your existing processes to eliminate errors, save time, and improve outcomes without requiring any changes to pharmacy, medication packaging, EHR, or other existing software systems.

Connecting The Ecosystem

Real-time connectivity to internal team members (Leadership, Directors, Nurses, Other Staff, & Residents) as well as external stakeholders (Pharmacists, Loved Ones).

Who We Work With

Empowering Care Teams And Restoring Confidence In Care

IDD Residential


Group Living/Group Homes


Supported Living Agencies


Home Care/Home Health Agencies

Automate Workflows for Staff and Administrators

Automate daily documentation and medication records. Go from a 15 to a 5-step med. pass to save time and improve accuracy.

Enabling Independence for Residents with IDD through Gamification

Proactive step by step directions for self-administration. Routine, repetition, and rewards to drive independence.

Learn if Your State Covers our Assistive Technology Under the Waiver

Nothing About Us Without Us.
Designed by Our Residents with IDD.

Platform features developed in collaboration with Neurodiverse employees, informed by a comprehensive study Impruvon led with the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation and the College Autism Network.

Senior Living


Assisted Living Agencies


Independent Living Agencies


Home Care/Home Health Agencies


Skilled Nursing/Nursing Home

Ditch the Heavy Med Carts

Make a home feel like a home.

Feel More Like A Home – In Room Medication Management

Smart medboxes comply with storage requirements, unlock efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities for operators.

Never Miss A Dose

Smart automated reminders & alerts –work on any device and any operating system.

Behavioral Health Treatment


Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment


Mental Health Treatment


Co-Ocurring Disorder Treatment

Expedited Onboarding Through Medication Check-in Automation

Expedite Check-ins with rapid medication onboarding.

Safely Store & Administer Medications

Double locking smart medboxes enable security access like tailored processes like staff and resident double confirmation.

Real Time Internal & External Awareness

Long Term Care Pharmacies


IDD Residential Providers


Assisted Living Agencies


Behavioral Health Providers


Independent Living Agencies

Stay Connected & Support Your Customers Remotely

Real-time remote inventory tracking, alerting, and refill processing on daily, PRN, narcotics, and overflow medications.

Smart User-Friendly Emergency-Kits

Average Capacity – 48 Medications, 15 doses each, and open drawer for Inhalers, EpiPens, and more. No more tackle-boxes, pad-locks, and faxed paperwork!

No More Wasted Meds

Streamlined Comunications Workflows


Real-time connectivity & data tracking so you are always in the know.

Nurses & Staff

Restoring confidence in care through guided med passes and real time awareness.


Restoring independence.

Loved Ones

Giving residents and loved ones a piece of mind.


24/7 pharmacy connectivity, 1-click verification and onboarding.

Empowering Residential Providers & Restoring Confidence in Care

Improving efficiency and outcomes through our integrated hardware and software solutions.