The Enterprise

Smart Assisted Compliance

Stay connected 24/7. Never miss, over, or under dose again. Smart assisted compliance is designed to provide you and your team with automated reminders and access control so only the right medications is accessed by the right staff at the right time.

Guided Independence

Tailored, interactive learning and step by step instructions designed to reduce dependence on manual error-prone processes to reduce errors, encourage retention, and increase productivity.

Smart & Guided Med Passes

Automate and optimize med prep, administration and observation, and record keeping within your organization. Provide interactive smart guidance and error prevention mechanisms to help your staff align with regulations and complete their tasks efficiently and successfully every time.

Hear From Our Clients & Partners

No difficulty using the Impruvon Health platform at all, it is a piece of cake! And I am not a technological genius!

Executive Director @ IDD Supported Living Agency in Baltimore

This is one of the easiest apps we have, I feel like anyone could use it, anyone!

Executive Director @ IDD Supported Living Agency in DC

This platform is a game changer, I can literally administer all of the meds on my shift in one third of the time I used to without Impruvon Health.

Nurse @ Assisted Living in Ashburn Virginia

Its pretty amazing to see a company who has actually taken my needs into account. They listened to our feedback and did it!

Client @ IDD Supported Living Agency in Baltimore Maryland

Impruvon Health is like going from VHS to Netflix and skipping DVDs! After 20 years in residential care, I never thought a system like this would be possible. The platform really does automate myself and my staff’s work, most importantly without any violations.

Residential Services Director @ Baltimore Maryland

Finally, a platform for our agency that doesn’t require us to change everything we were already doing!

Residential Services Director @ Nashville Tennessee