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A software and hardware solution built on a foundation of customer research, and customized to align to your existing processes to ensure fast implementation and even faster adoption.

Finally, an app designed to help when you need it most.

medication management software

Finally, an app designed to help when you need it most.

There is no higher quality care than the care provided by confident, well-informed staff. Use the Impruvon Health mobile app to keep track of your timing, dosage, and logging requirements. Exactly when you need it, our app will automatically send your staff a series of smart notifications reminding you to administer a specific dosage for a specific client.

For staff that may not be as tech-savvy, we provide free in-app training games designed to build confidence, ramp up new hire training, and facilitate on-the-job learning about prescription compliance to promote better, safer, more confident care.

electronic medication management system

People, process, and tracking in one easy-to-use dashboard

Running a residential care agency is hard as is. Without the proper visibility, it's almost impossible. Learn how the Impruvon Health platform makes it easier with automated medication solutions.
pharmacy dispensing machines

Disparate pill bottles and pill packs are a recipe for disaster

Bad practices lead to dosage and timing errors and potential violations. Rely on the Impruvon Health hardware solution to ensure all medication is stored in a secure device accessible by authorized personnel only.

pharmacy dispensing machines