Medication Management in Long Term Care – A Process Problem NOT a People Problem

A recent study estimated that approximately 800,000 preventable medication related incidents occur in long-term care facilities each year. The most frequent medications related errors that occur in Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, and Supported Living Agencies include:

1. Uncertainty Regarding Medications With Similar Names

2. Human Errors

3. Incorrect Selection Of Medications From Online Ordering/Prescription Options

4. Order And Prescription Communication Errors

5. Incomprehensible Handwriting, Typos, Or Both

6. Dose Calculations Errors (Units Or Weight)

7. Improper Medicine Administration Monitoring

In reading these common causes, it quickly becomes evident that there are manual steps within each. For licensed and unlicensed nursing staff conducting these high-stress, time-consuming, and error-prone medication management tasks day in and day out, errors are unfortunately inevitable. Since 2020, the Impruvon team has interviewed over 1000 long-term care executives and nursing team members and learned that medication management related tasking takes up 3-4 hours of each shift. This highlights the real problem – the process is flawed. It is not the incredibly hard working nurse’s fault that makes an error on his or her 800th day on the job, or the med-tech who got in an accident on their way to work; it is the broken process and the absence of technology to support it.

A smart medication dispenser itself is not an adequate solution. Workflow optimization software, connected to a smart medication dispenser which aligns with the regulatory requirements of long-term care and does not integrate with the existing data ecosystem is required. It is time for an optimized process easy to follow, train, and implement for long-term care teams.

Impruvon Health is on a mission to enhance the lives of those who care for people who have difficult-to-maintain prescription regimens, whether they live at home or in long-term care facilities. Our platform automates the storage, administration, and record-keeping of medications by replacing manual, time- consuming, and error prone tasks with smart connected, easy to use technology.