Prince William County, VA, July 28th, 2021 – Startup company Impruvon Health recently received funding from Prince William County, Virginia, a local government close to the startup’s headquarters.

Virginia-based medical technology startup, Impruvon Health, received $50,000 worth of funding from local government Prince William County, located in northern Virginia. The money was awarded through PWC’s IGNITE grant; a non-dilutive funding opportunity offered to selected high-growth companies and tech catalyst organizations. Prince William County selected Impruvon Health for the IGNITE grant due to its innovative approach to revolutionizing medication management in long-term care facilities.

Impruvon Health co-founder and CEO Justin Amoyal presented to a panel of members from PWC earlier this year. When interviewed, Justin spoke on the IGNITE grant’s impact on Impruvon Health. “We are truly honored to have received this opportunity from Prince William County, and we are looking forward to making a positive impact on those within this area.” Justin and his team are looking to integrate Impruvon Health’s platform into long-term care agencies within Prince William County this fall.

About Impruvon Health Inc. 

Impruvon Health is an early-stage med-tech startup focused on revolutionizing medication management in long-term care facilities. The Impruvon Health platform is built in direct response to feedback from customers who expressed a desperate need to stop medication administration and monitoring errors. Impruvon Health’s internet-of-things platform consists of a web application, mobile application, and hardware device that is easily integrated into long-term care agencies’ workflows and data streams. Learn more at

About Prince William County IGNITE Grant

Prince William County’s IGNITE grant offers cash to selected high-growth companies and tech catalyst organizations close to the county. The IGNITE grant is awarded in two denominations, $25,000 and $50,000. The funding opportunity is offered every year, requiring a lengthy application process, including a combination of video pitches, interviews, and written applications. Applying companies are reviewed on various aspects, including the strength of the business model, proof of concept, the potential for growth, the experiment of company leadership, and return on investment for Prince William County. Learn more at